What is PhotoGallery and why does it keep trying to install?

What the heck is PhotoGallery? What program does it belong to and why does
Windows Installer try to install it when I reboot?

Here is what happens:
After rebooting I get a pop up install window that says
Wait while Windows configures Photo Gallery [The Install window shows

After a while there is a "PhotoGallery" window that says "The Feature you
are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not
available. Insert the PhotoGallery disk and click OK" In that source window
is the number 1. I have tried to put FrontPage and HP Printer CD in but it
does not accept those.

When I cancel there is a PhotoGallery window that says "Error 1706. No valid
source could be found for product PhotoGallery. The Windows Installer
cannot continue." Even after cancelling all pop up windows it continues to
try to install.



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