Offline Files tab missing

I have a new computer and the Offline Files tab is missing from the
Folders Options under my Tools menu, how do I get this back?

You may get this question when rolling out a new SOE for example, and
have not been involved with the design/build or other aspects of the
company GPO's.

I have read through alot of posts regarding the Offline Files Tab from
the Folder Options. There may have been a post since that defines how
this has come about that the tab is not present but I would like to
share a way to commence troubleshooting this as it is not immediately
obvious unless you have a strong understanding with Policies.

1. Start run gpedit.msc
2. Select Computer Configuration\Administration
Templates\Network\Offline Files
3. Check the status of the "Prohibit user configuration of Offline
4. Ensure the state is "Not Configured"
5. Select User Configuration\Administration Templates\Network\Offline
6. Ensure the state is "Not Configured"

If you still do not see the Offline Files tab run the gpupdate.exe
If this still has no affect use the GPO mmc to load the default domain
policy. This is basically the same as a Local Policy management console
but for the Domain. A quich way to determine what Policies are
affective on a computer\user account is to run the gpresult.exe
command, identify what policies the computer\user has applied to it and
verify that the setting has not been set from the Domain Controller.

It is likely that the company security policy requires laptops for
example to have this applied, but you will at least be able to locate
the issue.

Finally remember the order of precedence for how policies are applied,
as even though the settings are not configured locally (very large
administrative effort for companies with a 100's or 1000's computers)
the lowest policy will be over ridden.

1. Local
2. Site
3. Domain
4. OU


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