Re: Faster way to "safely remove" USB drives?

You "should" use the small icon in the system tray (little green arrow) to turn off a USB device
before unplugging. This assures that the computer has a chance to quit writing to the drive (some
systems my hold of updating a device until there is a lull in work load). However the chances of
corrupting data are small if the light of the USB pen drive is out. Problem with some pen drives
is they wont release and you get a warning message several times before you can "safely remove" the

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yerk5@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Is there some faster way (such as a command line command that could be
made into a bat file) that would trigger the "it is now safe to remove
the device" for USB pen drives?

At my work, I have to swap out different pen drives all the time, and
this would be a welcome change to the several clicks you need to do in
XP currently.


So you don't just yank them out when you feel like it? I do. But may
have problems booting with a "pen" left in. Do you go thro' some
sequence to remove a USB plug?