Re: trouble with msconfig.exe

Msconfig - Corrupt



XXX_ wrote:

Hi there!
Can anybody tell me please how to reinstall msconfig.exe??
The original file has been renamed to msconfig.old (I don't know the reason why!... it's not my own PC), so I tried to copy a new msconfig.exe directly from Windows installation CD-Rom (it's Windows XP Home Ed.) using the comand: expand msconfig.ex_ c:\msconfig.exe, and then I put the file into the same folder as msconfig.old.
The problem is that WinXP doesn't recognize the new msconfig.exe! When I type Start\Execute: msconfig.exe [OK], Win keeps on searching for msconfig.old and asks me for an application to open it!!!
Also, I can't rename or delete msconfig.old.
Please help me!