Re: Genuine Windows XP

"Failing WGA doesn't make the Windows illegit."
I never said either way about WGA, but you often seem to need others to say
things they did not.

There is insufficient information from the OP to determine if hers is
But indications are it is pirated since she already suggested she has a
pirated Product ID.
The link she used to determine a fix was to purchase, has nothing to do with

Jupiter Jones [MVP]

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Jupiter Jones [MVP] wrote:

Do those options make Windows XP legitimate?
If the option only stops the message, that does no more to make
Windows legitimate than changing the locks on a home and say it is
yours since you now have easy access.

LOL! Failing WGA doesn't make the Windows illegit. I've seen legit
Windows fail WGA, and I've seen pirated Windows pass WGA. WGA means
absolutely nothing when it comes to determining the legitimacy of Windows.

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