Profile can't be found


the daughter of one my parents friends asked for my help.
As per her story she had a power cut due to bad weather on Monday evening.

If you starts her pc now, you get the message that the profile can't be
found and if you click OK it proceeds starting windows, but not into her

Now I checked her hard disk and all her files are still there, the problem
is that it just starts in a different environment, as said.

She used to be the administrator... and even that profile I can find via
Control panel and via Windows explorer.
I have my doubts if this is really caused by a power cut, specially if the
PC was turned off, but then again...

I was planning to do a system restore, although if this issue sounds
familiar to anybody, I am open to any other option as well.
Sorry for not writing down the exact warning, which was in Dutch anyways...

Thanks in advance!