Re: Windows XP Home Edition-Won't boot up

I did that. Regardless of which one is select: Disable Automatic Restart,
Safe Mode with Command Prompt, etc., it them goes to the blue screen with
the small XP logo. I will check the article you cited, but so far no matter
what I do, it all comes back to the blue screen with logo. When I selected
it to start with the last known settings that worked, it still does the same
thing. Thanks. I will let you know if any thing else happens. Jack

"Maurice N ~ MVP" wrote:


Kindly (re)confirm that you tried to Disable automatic restart?

Repeat F8 startup steps, get bootup menu, then select
"Safe Mode with Command Prompt". See if you can get that.

The MS Knowledge Base article noted below, may help in restoring a "prior XP System Restore point",
in the case where you are unable to do this from a Windows session.

The article describes how to start the System Restore tool when you are unable to start your Windows XP-based computer normally or
in Safe mode.
You may be able to do it from a "special command prompt"..."Safe Mode with Command Prompt".

It would seem the requirements are:
1. Your system HD still has restore point(s) from before. (Which also means System Restore is active on your XP.)
2. You have to be able to "selectively" bootup your pc into "Safe mode with command prompt".
3. Follow the directions to use "rstrui.exe" the XP System Restore program.

HOW TO: Start the System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt ( MS Knowledge Base Article 304449)
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Maurice N
MVP Windows - Shell / User

Brain Dead wrote:
I had already done this, but regardless of what I select on that
screen, it then continues to the blue screen with the small XP logo
and stops there. Nothing works, and I am stuck. Jack

"Maurice N ~ MVP" wrote:

To attempt to get your Windows back to the prior known good

When the pc is booting up (after the BIOS has done its POST test
and before Windows starts loading),
Tap F8 Function key to get bootup options. Tap & keep repeat
tapping F8 !

You will actually see "Disable automatic restart on system failure"
as an option . Select that and give it a try. This option is
available if you have XP service pack 2.

When presented with bootup choices, select Last Known Good

Maurice N
MVP Windows - Shell / User

Brain Dead wrote:
When I turn on the computer it shows the large XP logo on the dark
screen with the balls running across a bar to show its loading.
This screen them goes away to a dark screen, then the blue screen
with small XP logo comes up and stays. It doesn't go any further
and I can't do anything. Help......