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All right then, Michael, why then is Hyperterminal not listed in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel module? Why should it not be possible to easily remove it if it's unneeded?

Regards from John "just curious" Corliss

John, Hyperterminal is a useful little program that can be used to communicate directly with a modem, a serial port, to link two PCs together via serial ports etc. I use it to dial into our phone system at work and change settings because it can emulate the "Proper" stand alone terminal that's not accessible from home. Yes it will also do telnet but is not the actual Windows "Component" used when Windows needs a telnet client.

To some people it IS a useful tool that carries so little overhead it may as well be included. Some very old Fords used to come with a couple of wrenches, a screwdriver and even a grease gun and tire irons I think, 99% of owners probably never used any of them but they were there if needed. Your car didn't stop running if you threw the tools away.

So you asked why it was there, it is there because to many people it's handy, if you don't want it then no harm will result if you remove it, but you don't need desktop wallpaper either and that probably takes up as much space. When the gains are outweighed by the effort involved most people don't bother.

I don't know of anything else that uses Hyperterminal, there are certainly more advanced commercial programs out there to do the job "Easier", so any hyperterminal "Exploits" are harmless unless you are using it.


Hyperterminal is also able to telnet using TCP/IP, it is not limited to serial communications. I use it frequently to communicate with, configure and secure network printers, for example.

Hyperterminal is useful (often esssencial) for configuring routers, managed switches and wireless APs. For example, an unconfigured router often cannot be managed via TCP/IP until it is configured and a terminal program must be used via serial port.

Also, FWIW, I've found that the versions of Hyperterminal that ship with Win2K/XP do not properly support F# key inputs on some terminal sessions (for example many HVAC systems I've dealt with), however the version that ships with Win9x runs and works fine under 2K/XP and supports all the F# key inputs.

Steve N.