Re: Serious context menu problems in Explorer.

The problem is affecting all file types. I was only using .jpg files as an example.

David H. Lipman wrote:
From: "John Corliss" <jcorliss@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
| I forgot to add thanks for replying. I do appreciate your input.

Your welcome.

Besides the 4 different AV scanners that the tool provides, there are malware corrective
measures in it including fixing changes to local and group policies changes.

AVG is just OK and I am losing respect for this AV software.  Below is a recent report I
generated for a Trojan Downloader.  Note that AVG does NOT ID this infector and look how may
other do.  This *is* a well known Trojan and even the shi!tty ClamAV IDs this Trojan.

AntiVir 12.13.2005 TR/Dldr.TComBil.L.1
Avast  4.6.695.0 12.13.2005 no virus found
AVG  718  12.08.2005 no virus found
Avira 12.13.2005 TR/Dldr.TComBil.L.1
BitDefender 7.2  12.13.2005 Trojan.Downloader.Agent.UF
CAT-QuickHeal 8.00  12.13.2005 TrojanDownloader.Vidlo.y
ClamAV  devel-20051108 12.12.2005 Trojan.Small-152
DrWeb  4.33  12.13.2005 Trojan.DownLoader.5869
eTrust-Iris 12.13.2005 Win32/SillyDL.9760!Trojan
eTrust-Vet 12.13.2005 Win32/DlWreck.S
Ewido  ??  12.13.2005 TrojanDownloader.Agent.uf
Fortinet 12.12.2005 W32/Agent.UF!tr
F-Prot  3.16c  12.12.2005 security risk named W32/Downloader.KZW
Ikarus 12.13.2005 Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.UF
Kaspersky 12.13.2005 Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Vidlo.y
McAfee  4648  12.12.2005 Downloader-AAP.b
Microsoft ??  12.13.2005 no virus found
NOD32v2  1.1320  12.12.2005 Win32/TrojanDownloader.Agent.NDD
Norman  5.70.10  12.13.2005 W32/DLoader.NNC
Panda  8.02.00  12.13.2005 Trj/Downloader.GTG
Sophos  4.00.0  12.13.2005 Troj/Agent-UF
Symantec 8.0  12.13.2005 Download.Trojan
Trend Micro 103  12.13.2005 TROJ_YABE.F
TheHacker 12.13.2005 no virus found
VBA32  3.10.5  12.13.2005 Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.uf

Regards from John Corliss
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