Re: No results from ipconfig

"Jet" <Jet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi, I'm trying to add a second computer (running XP Home) to my wireless
> network. To do so I need to add it to my ZoneAlarm firewall. To do this I
> will need it's IP address. I'm running ipconfig on the second computer
> the command line but I'm not getting any results.
> From the start menu I select Run and then type in ipconfig and hit enter.
> The windows dialog box (if that's what you call it) briefly appears but
> before I can see the results it shuts down. I even tried redirecting the
> output to a file but nothing is going into the file.
> Any ideas on what is shutting down the dialog box? It's maddening!!!
> Thanks in advance,
> Jet

Ipconfig.exe is a command line utility that must be run
from a Command Prompt so that you can see its output:
- click Start / Run
- Type cmd {OK}
- Type ipconfig /all {Enter}