Re: french accents

Dominique <Dominique@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on Tue, 15 Nov

>How can I make french accents work on my KB?
>I have a microsoft KB.
>The person that I bought my computer from printed a sheet with the keys to
>press but it doesn't work.
>Like for example:
>Lettre Clefs
>e(with accent) </>
>E(with accent) <Shift></>

Hi Dominique

There are several ways to do this. I'm assuming that you don't want to
work in French all the time, but to be able to switch to it when you

First (and least convenient) is to use the Alt-key codes within Windows.
With NumLock on, hold down the Alt key and type, for example, 0233 for
é, 0232 for è, 0231 for ç etc. You can find which codes correspond to
which character by looking in Character Map.

Or, if you have a US keyboard, you could select the United States --
International option in Control Panel > Regional and Language Options >
Languages > Details.

To use this, if for example you wanted to type an accented a, you would
type first the accent (') then the character (a). To use the ' on its
own, you need to follow it with a space.

Personally I like a small free application called Allchars

It runs in the system tray and works with all Windows programs. To use
an accent or special character, you first press and release Control (you
can change this to another key if you prefer) then two keys which
together make up your character in a similar way to that described
above. For example, typing a comma plus c makes ç, ' plus e makes é, ^
plus o makes ô. and so on.

I have used it for many years and can recommend it.

Hope this helps.