Re: reinstalling xp home edition

tsone wrote:

> "Malke" wrote:
>> tsone wrote:
>> > system shuts down and restarts during the stage installing windows,
>> > with system log message....,
>> > one of the components that windows needs to continue setup could
>> > not be found setup encountered an error while trying to set system
>> > security an extented error has occoured.
>> >
>> > please help tstone
>> Things you need to tell us before you can get focused help:
>> 1. What type of XP installation media - retail copy, OEM copy, or
>> Restore Disk for an OEM machine (like HP, Compaq, eMachines)?
>> 2. Some computer specs details - old, new, OEM, etc.?
>> 3. What were the problems (briefly) that caused you to want to
>> reinstall?
>> 4. Are you doing a clean install with a format or a repair install?
>> - Repair
>> Install - Clean
>> Install

> xp home edition serv pack 1a, retail disk, new bare bones,missing
> pages for example;search would not work alot of programs were some
> graphics like mcafee , hte install was to install windows without
> losing data its geting stuck on istalling devices in the setup
> program under installing windows then shuts down

So you were trying to do a Repair Install using your retail copy of
XPSP1. It sounds very much like whatever was wrong the machine before
(and I'm sorry, but I can't give you a diagnosis - it could be many
things) is still wrong. If you know your hardware is healthy, back up
your data and do a clean install of Windows. Make sure no peripherals
are attached during the install. Follow directions at the links above
for the Clean Install.

There are ways of saving your data. The easiest way is to slave the hard
drive in a working XP box and copy the data over using Windows Explorer
from the working install. You may need to take ownership of the files.

If you can't do that, then you can boot with Knoppix or a Bart's CD.
Here's the information about Knoppix:

An easy way to retrieve Windows files is to boot with Knoppix, a Linux
distro on a live cd. You will need a computer with two cd drives, one
of which is a cd/dvd-rw OR a usb thumb drive with enough capacity to
hold your data. To get Knoppix, you need a computer with a fast
Internet connection and third-party burning software. Download the
Knoppix .iso from and create your bootable cd. Then
boot with it and it will be able to see the Windows files. If you are
using the usb thumb drive, right-click on its icon (on the Desktop) to
get its properties and uncheck the box that says "Read Only". Then
click on it to open it. Note that the default mouse action in the
window manager used by Knoppix (KDE) is a single click to open instead
of the traditional MS Windows' double-click. Otherwise, use the K3b
burning program to burn the files to cd/dvd-r's.

Since you built the box yourself, it would be smart to also be sure your
hardware is healthy before reinstalling Windows. If you have failing
hardware, a software solution (Windows) isn't going to work.

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