Re: Remove "Control Panel" from "My Computer" in Windows Explorer


You'd think that would do the trick, but it seems to have no effect at all.
So far I have been unable to detect a pattern. Sometimes it's shown,
sometimes it's not. I have to switch back and forth between 800 x 600 and
1024 x 768 and it's not consistent when it shows and when it doesn't, whether
I reboot or not.

"Wesley Vogel" wrote:

> Open Folder Options...
> Start | Run | Type: control folders | Click OK |
> View tab | Scroll down to and UNCheck: Show Control Panel in My Computer |
> Click Apply | Click OK
> --
> Hope this helps. Let us know.
> Wes
> MS-MVP Windows Shell/User
> In news:A32ED0D9-A934-4FAF-A3C6-074A83D903D9@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
> Dij <> hunted and pecked:
> > Sometime today, the listing under "My Computer" in Windows Explorer has
> > changed from listing only drive (floppy A, hard drive C, and CD-RW E),
> > shared files, and Liz's documents to listing "Control Panel" with the
> > other items. I did not do anything that I'm aware of to put it there, and
> > the checkbox under Tools, Folder Options, View for "display Control Panel
> > under My Computer" is NOT checked. I have tried checking and unchecking
> > it, rebooting, using GoBack to go back to the settings in effect when I
> > booted the computer this morning, to no avail.
> >
> > How do I get rid of "Control Panel"? I'm taking screen shots for a flash
> > demo and when I did the first set "Control Panel" wasn't there. I want the
> > new screen shots to match.