Remove "Control Panel" from "My Computer" in Windows Explorer

Sometime today, the listing under "My Computer" in Windows Explorer has
changed from listing only drive (floppy A, hard drive C, and CD-RW E), shared
files, and Liz's documents to listing "Control Panel" with the other items. I
did not do anything that I'm aware of to put it there, and the checkbox under
Tools, Folder Options, View for "display Control Panel under My Computer" is
NOT checked. I have tried checking and unchecking it, rebooting, using GoBack
to go back to the settings in effect when I booted the computer this morning,
to no avail.

How do I get rid of "Control Panel"? I'm taking screen shots for a flash
demo and when I did the first set "Control Panel" wasn't there. I want the
new screen shots to match.