Re: Does clean install of XP kill all malware?

Sorry Kerry but the computer was not, I repeat not, connected to the
This OS was Win2000.
I reinstalled three times, and at the last try I did a format of the
harddisk. The virus persisted.
I am no expert, but after three clean installation of an OS I thought any
virus was gone.

I then learned that this version of the virus only infected Win2000
Therefore I, in the early morning hours, begat a clean install of my
private WinXP, and then a clean install of Win2k.
That made the virus go away.

All this with no connection to the web!
I do not connect to the web before an updated viruskiller service is
established and working.

Zadig Galbaras
A Perturbed Norwegian Agnostic

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>> No, some viruses like the Sasser will still prevail after a clean
>> install.
>> That I have experienced myself.
>> The sasser virus was still there after an clean install with a manual
>> formatting of the harddisk.
>> So a clean install do not necessary take away all viruses.
> Sasser did not survive a clean install. What happened was you were
> reinfected as soon as you connected to the Internet. Sasser is a worm that
> looks for vulnerable computers on the Internet. The maximum time before
> infection of an unprotected computer connected to the Internet is around
> four minutes. Usually you will be infected before Windows is installed if
> you are connected during the install. You must install SP2 or a firewall
> before connecting to the Internet or any network.
> Kerry