RE: all usb ports not communicating

What type of computer is it? Is there any USB ports that work? Do you even
have one USB device that works such as a mouse? USB devices are a pain
sometimes. On some of the old Compaqs the USB functionality was hit and miss
just because they sucked.

Hardware failure is always a possibility in any given situation, but it is
hard to say that is what is happening in this situation. Hardware failure or
"something popping inside" is kind of tricky to troubleshoot via newsgroup
posts. I assume you tried all of the ports and multiple USB devices. When
you plug a USB device into the computer also check device manager to see if
that device shows up there. You could try removing all of your USB entries
in device manager and reboot the computer. When they get reinstalled you
could try the USB devices again.


"philber" wrote:

> They are internal and show as working properly in device manager. Is it
> possible a surge from lightning poppedsomething inside? They are still
> providing the power to the usb devices, just not any communication.
> "AmericanTechie" wrote:
> > Are the USB ports integrated on the motherboard? In other words are the USB
> > ports on the tower or are they external? Did you install these USB ports
> > yourself? In any case the thing to try would be to look in the device
> > manager to see if your USB is in fact installed. The USB ports will appear
> > under Universal Serial Bus Controllers in your device manager. If they do
> > not show up, or if there are some funky question marks or exclamation points
> > then you might have a problem with them.
> >
> > In some cases you might have to reinstall the ports. In other cases you
> > might have to enable the USB ports on in the system BIOS. In a worst case
> > scenario you could even pick up a new PCI card for the USB. This might be
> > desireable if you have older USB ports and want to take advantage of the USB
> > 2.0 speeds.
> >
> > Let us know how it turns out or if you need more help!
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> > "philber" wrote:
> >
> > > I have 4 usb ports, computer not communicating anything plugged into them
> > > BUT the green light on my memory card reader is on. It was all working before
> > > a recent thunder and lightning storm. How can I reset them to communicate
> > >