CD Writing Wizard

A customer of mine using an IBM NetVista with WinXP Pro is having issues with
the CD Burner. I have seen;en-us;q324129

And she is getting the error "There is no disc in the drive, Please insert a
writable CD into Drive X". The problem with this is that it is intermittent.
Also when she gets this error while attempting to write to a CD, if she
reboots the PC and does the burning right away - it works fine. We've used
several different brands of media, updated the CD drivers and also this is
the 3rd Cd Burner we've put in the machine. Is there some kind of setting in
windows that could cause this? Kind of at a loss here and don't want to
charge her labor while I try this and that if someone has found a rock solid
solution to this. Would appreciate any ideas!