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From: Dan (
Date: 02/08/05

Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 00:19:22 -0700

So with 98SE all beefed up in security with third party products, then you
still think XP (NT code based) is more secure, Ron?

"Ron Martell" <> wrote in message
: "Dan" <> wrote:
: >I know that 98SE is more secure since it is based on 9x source code and is
: >now mostly ignored by hackers since they are mainly targetting XP PRO. and
: >have the NT source code in their sites. 98, 98SE and even ME (I do not
: >Millenium) all are based on 9x which has its roots in MS-DOS and NT does
: >have a true maintenance operating system and Microsoft needs to have a
: >seperate NT underlying maintenance operating system and not rely on an
: >emulator of MS-DOS since MS-DOS's true successor was the 9x source code
: >reached the height of its glory with 98 Second Edition and unfortunately
: >Microsoft rushed out Millenium and so it was flawed and I am really glad
: >Microsoft is taking their time with Longhorn and I hope it is awesome.
: >
: Windows 98 is in no way *more* secure than Windows XP. It may give
: you a false sense of security because not so many scumbags are
: targetting it these days but it is still highly vulnerable and just as
: soon as Windows XP gets a bit tougher to penetrate you could see
: renewed assaults aimed at the 9x products.
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