Re: Add printer wizard not responding

From: Venger (
Date: 01/20/05

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 00:53:44 GMT

Perhaps a Policy from the 2003 Server disabling the Add Printer Wizard?

You likely have only one local printer, correct? Does this appear in
application printer applets? But not in the Printer Control Panel applet? Go
to View in the applet and change it to list or details, change the view...

I think you likely need a new computer guy...


"Bonnie" <> wrote in message
> Running XP Professional - utilizing Windows 2003 server - cannot open the
> add
> printer wizard. I can print (and access printers) through software
> applications (ie. word, excel). I can also search for network printers,
> but
> cannot see a list of local printers when I look at printers in the control
> panel. When I double click on "add printer" it does nothing. This is the
> only computer on the network that has this issue. I had a computer tech
> in a
> couple of months ago and after he changed some settings - this occurred.
> We
> have one network printer connected and he mentioned having to make changes
> so
> that the software for the network printer did not need to be installed on
> each pc...I am thining that there was a change made to security, etc.
> Have
> tried logging in as admin, etc and cannot find the problem and the
> computer
> tech does not REMEMBER making any changes...I do not with to do a system
> restore and lose additional changes made...but would appreciate any help