Re: Issues with Profile Copying.. User stays with all users..

From: Kelly (
Date: 01/15/05

Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 01:34:43 -0600

Sounds simple enough.

To make sure that each user receive the generic customization of the My
Documents, My Music, and My Pictures folder, you must delete the
"Owner=Administrator" entry in the [DeleteOnCopy] section. Note that the
Desktop.ini file is marked with the System and Hidden attributes. You must
maintain these attributes. You can use the notepad desktop.ini command at a
command prompt to modify the Desktop.ini file.

All the Best,
Kelly (MS-MVP)
Troubleshooting Windows XP
"Edmondo" <> wrote in message
> Hi Rob,
> I am having the same problem. Did you get a solution for this problem? I
> have search the Web and found something which addresses this but the 
> article
> was too technical for me to follow. Maybe you can understand it better and
> explain it back to me in lay-man's english. The link to the article is as
> follows:
> I hope this will help you and in return me.
> Regards, Edmondo
> "Rob" wrote:
>> all.
>> i have always built a base build using a dummy user to get the settings 
>> that
>> i want all users to have.  i then copy the profile into default and its
>> done.. now with XP and 2003 when i do this every single user on that box 
>> gets
>> the dummy users name on the 'My Documents' and such.. IE.. if i build the
>> machine under user Rob.. copy the 'Rob' profile to default every user 
>> will
>> have a 'my documents' folder named 'Rob's Documents' .. how do i get rid 
>> of
>> that.. i have exhausted all resources...
>> thanks in advance..
>> r 

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