Re: error 33: unable to bind
Date: 12/15/04

Date: 15 Dec 2004 12:02:13 -0800

I don't know if this will help... In this my case, I had ordered a
Dell SX 280, created a master image on it, which I was going to copy
over to the master machine which contains all of my images (it really
doesn't matter whether you are restoring or creating an image: the
issue is that DOS can't recognize the driver on the boot disk while

I had to go onto the Dell website, enter the service tag number of the
machine, and download a NIC driver that included the DOS driver for the
NIC card (in other words, an NDIS2 driver.. should have a .dos
extension.). After the drivers were extracted, I created a folder and
put the DOS drivers in it. Once that was done, I opened Ghost Boot
Wizard and performed the following operations:

1. Select Create Network Boot Disk

2. Click Add

3. Bullet mark NDIS2 driver > click OK

4. A window called template properties will appear. Click Setup

5. A window appears where I had to browse to the folder which contained
the DOS
drivers. Click OK

6. You will be navigated back to the template properties window, where
the file name and
it's corresponding date will be acknowledged.

7. Click OK

8. You now have the option of re-naming your new driver. Once that's
done, go ahead and
create your boot disks and you're in business.
Hope this helps :)

Lou Orenstein
Tech Support
Miami Country Day School