Re: XP Freezes on Preparing Installation

From: RJK (
Date: 10/28/04

Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 12:02:07 +0100

Barring unhappy hardware problems, these you MUST rule out first - I've
worked on three hard disks recently that aquired corruption on them that
would NOT clear by full formatting. In each case, (one was a Maxtor 80gb,
one was a Seagate 80gb, and the other was a Western Digital 40gb), I had to
use the hard disk manufacturers "zero-fill" utility to clear the drive.
After zero-filling / partitioning and formatting all was LOVELY !

regards, Richard

"chrisw" <> wrote in message
> If anyone can offer any help or advice on this it would be greatly
> appreciated.
> I'm trying to install xp on a new PC but it stops on 'Preparing
> Installation'
> There is no Virus software on this PC as it is brand new so that rules
> out the help from Microsoft.
> If you install from the CD boot up disk it just hangs after the 1st
> screen (just before F8 Agreement) or it may sometimes get past the
> agreement then freeze on 'loading information file setupp.ini' (setupp
> not setup).
> Funnily enough Windows 2000 does exactly the same thing.
> I tried to install 98 to see what would happen and it worked fine. I
> then tried to upgrade to XP from Windows and it lets me enter in the
> serial number, analyzes the pc, copies the setup files then reboots.
> When the setup screen appears it stops after about 4 seconds on
> Preparing Installation.
> I have tried changing every hardward component (except motherboard)
> and it makes no difference (different VGA card gave about another
> second). The fact that Windows 98 installs ok suggests that there
> isn't a hardware conflict.
> I have updated the BIOS to the latest version but no joy.
> The motherboard is an Nvidia- nforce M7NCD.
> Does anyone have any idea why XP and 2000 would not install?
> Thanks in advance.