Weird Keyboard Issue

From: Tim (ei.raelctase_at_domit.reverse)
Date: 09/21/04

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 21:14:53 +0100

Hi all,

I have a weird problem with a HP 9010x laptop.

To start at the beginning:

The computer is configured with an administrator account, and a guest
account. The person who was using it does not recall when the issue
started, or what happened at the time.

On boot up, the welcome screen was displayed, but the administrator name was
dimmed, so I could not login as admin. The keyboard would not work at this
screen. It just beeped whenever I pressed it. The cursor in the text box
was very thick.

The guest user has a blank password, so I was able to log in as guest.
Keyboard worked fine. From there, I went to log-off, and it gave me the
option to switch users. I did this, and then I logged in as admin with no
problem - and keyboard worked fine. From there, I checked to make sure that
the User settings were ok - everything appeared to be ok.

I rebooted, and the exact same scenario occurred - however, this time I was
unable to switch user.

Essentially, I was locked out from the admin account - not a password issue,
but I could not type anything. Pressing ctrl-alt-del to get the regular
password dialogue box did not help either. Each effort to type resulted in
beeps. (NB keyboard worked fine in guest account)

I was getting a little annoyed, so I just went to resinstall XP.

Booted from the CD, and chose to install, and then repair an existing
installation. All goes fine with the mouse until I have to type in the
serial code. Once again, all I get is a fat-cursor, and beeps whenever I
press the keys.

So as it stands, I'm stuck with the windows XP installation screen unable to
type in my serial number! (each reboot returns to that screen)

I played with the BIOS to see if anything obvious was there - nothing - and
the keyb works fine in the bios. As the keyboard worked in a guest account,
and in the bios, I'm ruling out a hardware issue

I tried an external keyboard, but again, just beeps.

I've tried booting in safe mode - no success.

I've pressed every key combination I can think off, just in case it is some
obscure keyboard lock.

HP's site, and Google are not giving any results either.

I could try re-installing the whole OS and all the Apps rather than a
repair, but I don't know if it will work.

Does anybody have any bright ideas?