Re: New comp. Got infected before SP2 installed.

From: Bob Huntley (
Date: 09/11/04

Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 09:38:08 +0000 (UTC)

I went through that nausea recently - I got the Sasser virus before the MS
fixes has a chance to download and install!.

I reformatted the disk, did another clean install of XP - and this time
enabled the firewall before attempting to connect to the Internet to
download the MS big fixes and Norton AV definition updates. Worked that

PS - I strongly recommend that you use Drive Image, Norton Ghost or
whatever - makes it much easier to start again if you back up a copy of the
C drive before trying to use the internet. I learnt my lesson and did it the
second time, but the firewall was good enough so I didn't need to use the
backed up copy.

"Marcus" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> The technical support phone line closed a few hours ago
> for the weekend and these newgroups have been unbelievably
> helpful before :)
> I just got a new computer with Windows XP. I also just got
> broadband. I had waited to connect to the internet until
> broadband arrived so Windows Update would work faster.
> I connected to the internet. Everything running fine.
> I have Norton on my computer, but every time i ever tried
> to do the live update, it would say it couldnt connect.
> would not work on internet explorer
> I run windows update.
> A few critical updates. Im downloading and Send Receive
> ratio is about 1:4 or so. At about 52% the windows update
> seems to stall. And im fully uploading. 15 mins later. Ive
> uploaded 40 megs to 17 meg download....
> I load up taskmanager. I spot wuamgrd.exe, google it,
> comes up as a probable virus. I end it, but windows update
> doenst resume.
> Shut down, restart.
> This time i end the wuamgrd.exe before connecting to
> internet. Run Update. Works. Still uploading though, but
> it finishes. Restart.
> End wuamgrd.exe, connect to internet. Im still uploading
> at maximum... so i download Kerio's firewall. Install.
> 4 programs seem desperate to communicate with internet:
> wuamgrd.exe
> wmmon32.exe
> SPOOLSVD32.exe
> sysentry32.exe
> (as far as i can remember)
> Run Update again. Download and install SP2.
> Restart.
> I allowed Internet explorer to be an exception on the
> Windows Firewall that got installed after SP2. And i
> disabled the Kerio one.
> My problems are these:
> 1) I cannot access ANYTHING online. Explorer seems to try
> to access a whole host of similar urls (
> etc) but nothing works. I am
> accessing these newsgroups from another computer.
> 2)I cannot update the antivirus software so i cannot
> detect what the viruses on my computer are.
> 3)I did all this from a new computer with a clean windows
> XP. I just spent my entire day trying to get this computer
> to work. Im frustrated that its not, and i cant
> immediately see how to fix this. Technical support is
> closed until Monday, but when i ran them up before
> regarding update pausing, the guy didnt have a clue.
> Thank you all for bothering to read all of this, and I
> thank you all too if you can provide any help :)

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