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Date: 08/13/04

Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 16:16:15 -0400

Agreed the whole Security Center thing is redundant.


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> Malke <> typed:
>> If you have NAV 2004, when you use Live Update it will apply a patch
>> that will enable Security Center to see NAV. I don't believe Symantec
>> supports any earlier versions of NAV with this update. However, that
>> doesn't mean your antivirus isn't working - only that Security Center
>> doesn't identify it. Turn off the Security Center Alert for virus
>> protection and keep track of your definition subscription yourself.
> As far as I'm concerned, this anti-virus monitoring of SP2 is pretty much
> a silly feature anyway. It's no improvement to be able to see that virus
> definitions are out of date by looking in the Security Center, as opposed
> to looking at NAV (or whatever product you use) itself.
> I'm running NAV 2003, so I have Virus Protection set to "Not Monitored" in
> the Security Center. I can't see that this "lack" hurts me in any way.
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