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Date: 04/10/04

Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 20:11:13 -0700

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>> Stephen wrote:
>>> sometimes when i connect to the internet and try to run a
>>> program it doesn't run and it takes about 3 minutes for
>>> the program to. most of the time the programs will run
>>> after connecting to the internet. i dont think that the
>>> problem is hardware related because my computer is quite
>>> new and the problems only occur after i connect to the
>>> internet with the windows dail-up connection software.
>>> any ideas?
>> Most problems relating to running programs, connecting to the
>> Internet, etc. stem from viruses and spyware running on a pc, using
>> up resources. Also, the pc may have way too many legitimate programs
>> and processes running. Here are the first steps of Windows
>> troubleshooting for you to take:
>> 1) scan with current antivirus ("current" means a version not earlier
>> than 2002 but using updated virus definitions); 2) remove spyware
>> with Spybot Search & Destroy ( and Ad-aware
>> ( These programs are free, so use them both
>> since they complement each other. Be sure to update these programs
>> before running, and it is a good idea to do virus/spyware scans in
>> Safe Mode; 3) delete temporary and Temporary Internet Files; 4) stop
>> unnecessary services/programs from starting with Windows - see
>> for services info and
>> for programs info - 5) look
>> in Event Viewer for clues.
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> Hey Malke the DL site for Spybot is now:
> But your link WILL automatically redirect to that site.
> Just wanted to make you aware if you weren't already.
Thanks, Wojo. I've marked my notes accordingly.


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