Start menu, taskbar, system tray gone - please help

From: Raj Kumar Rathi S (
Date: 04/16/04

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 14:14:45 -0700


There are many reasons why computer is running slowly,
please follow the steps listed below:

Note: If file system is FAT32, please convert into NTFS
1. If you have not logged out, restarted, or shut down
the computer since the issue started, restart the computer
and then select the last known good configuration.

2. If you have added hardware or software immediately
before the issue starting, remove the added hardware or
software. Be sure to turn off the computer before
removing hardware.

3. If you are sure when the issue started, use System

Note: If no hardware or software has been added and System
Restore is not applicable, continue troubleshooting. Test
the computer after each step until a resolution is found.

4. If the issue started after installing a new device
driver, use Driver Roll Back to revert to the previous

Note: Driver Roll Back does not work with printer drivers.

5. Disable all programs running in the background.

6. If the computer is connected to a network, disconnect
the network cable so the computer cannot log onto the

Note: If Windows operates faster, contact your network
administrator, if available.

7. Check Event Viewer for any error or warning events.

8. Modify the Performance Options.

9. Modify the size of the swap file and verify that there
is enough available disk space on the hard disk drive for
the swap file, plus at least 200 Megabytes (MB).

10. Run Disk Cleanup.

11. Run Check Disk.

12. Begin Disk Defragmenter.

13. If PC Doctor is available, run the PC Doctor Quick

Note: This test takes approximately 5 minutes to run.

14. If possible, run a virus scan program.

The issue you are experiencing may be the result of a
program that runs during startup. To determine which
program is causing the issue, please follow these steps:

Note: Some programs may not automatically start after
Msconfig has been run. However, most programs can be
opened using a manual method.
1. From the Start menu, click Run. In the Run dialog
box, type: Msconfig, and then click OK.

2. Click the Startup tab, and then click to clear each
check box on the list.

3. Once all the items on the Startup tab have been
unchecked, click OK, and then restart your computer when
you are prompted.

>-----Original Message-----
>I have a computer(XP home)that is missing the Start Menu,
>taskbar, system tray, and is very slow to start and
>shutdown. Rundll32.exe hangs when shutting down, also.
>If I try and open n/w connections, there are none
>showing. Tried to create new one through new connection
>wizard. It fails (not responding). I can run task mgr
>ok, but if I try and open an app, it does not appear in
>applications and nothing happens.
>Has anyone had this happen, or know how I can go about
>troubleshooting? How well does the repair option work
>with XP home? I really do not want to reload everything
>if that is possible. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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