help me clean up, somebody?

From: me (
Date: 03/03/04

Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 14:31:05 -0800


I had xp installed happily on my pc, until one day I got
a virus: but thought it was a problem with the o/s

so I started to reinstall xp. I got as far as the opening
pages on the install cd when I discovered the virus was
the problem, not the operating system. So I aborted the

I cleaned the virus (blaster) with the relevant tools
from the microsoft site

but now every time I turn the PC on, it wants to complete
the second, aborted installation: and I have a few
seconds to tell it to use the perfectly good (and now
virus free) original installation. If I don't get tgere
in time, because I'm making a coffee or answereing the
phone, it goes into an endless loop asking me forever and
plaintively to give it the CD

How can I scratch out the second, useless, start-of-
installation dialogue so that the PC boots without my
presence to answer its fatuous question?

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