Re: java and pogo .com it does not recognize my java


"Jimmy S." wrote:

> Hi Marilu,
> Online games are usually developed using Flash, Java, or Virtual Machine.
> The most likely solution to a problem with an online game is to install, upgrade,
> or reinstall the right one for the game site you're playing on.
> A. For games: are converting most of their games for Flash
> to avoid the conflicts between the Sun Java system and Microsoft's Virtual Machine.
> Install Flash from:
> B. Most other game sites still use Java. You can install Java and find more help
> tips at this webpage:
> C. If the online game still won't load, or gives you errors, try these steps:
> 1. Click START / Control Panel / Internet Options and click on the Advanced Tab.
> 2. Below HTTP 1.1 is the Sun Java/ Microsoft VM section: Make sure all Java choices
> are unchecked (especially JIT) and then press [OK]. You may be prompted to reboot.
> 3. If you don't see a Microsoft VM section then download Microsoft Virtual Machine for:
> Windows 98 / Me / NT / XP from:
> 4. After you download Java, double-click the file to install it, reboot and then follow
> the directions in Steps 1. and disable JIT compiler and other advanced options.
> * Whenever you get a Java Virtual Machine Security Update from Windows Update, you
> will have to follow Steps 1. and disable JIT compiler and other adv. options again.
> 6. If the problem persists Adjust Your browser settings using this basic example:
> 7. Try these suggestions for Zone's Java Games:
> 8. Maybe it's a software conflict: Make certain that your Firewall or Antivirus program is
> not configured to block Java Applets. Norton's products for example have that option.
> If you're unsure temporarily disable Startup programs one at a time, starting with Firewall,
> Antivirus & AdBlockers using:
> or this utility:
> 9. If you have a Coffee Cup icon in your system tray (next to the time) you might have a
> conflict between MS VM and Java: Uninstall Java using Control Panel / Remove Programs.
> 10. Check the Help / Support section of the game site in question for Java topics relevant to
> that site. There is usually an email or a (non Java) help chat available as well. :-)
> --
> Cheers, Windows XP MVP Shell / User
> Jimmy S.
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> Visit my / Gaming Helpsite: or Call / Contact
> MS Support at:;en-us;top
> My advice is donated "AS IS" without warranty; nor do I confer any rights.
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> "marilu7373" <marilu7373@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:AB87DF7F-F0D2-4581-87ED-FCAA72367B9A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> |i am using xp home when i try and play games at pogo i cant i always get
> | the same error message java corrupted or not installed.i have done every
> | suggestion that their support gives andmany other people advice.I still can
> | not get it to work .
> | the strange thing is i can play at other game sites even java sun site.but
> | there is other java applets that i cant. please help this is driving me
> | crazy!!!!!!
> | --
> | marilu7373
> thank you jimmy i will try your suggestions .thanks again for your help.