Re: Not able to select my Radeon 9600 for harware acceleration

From: Yves Leclerc (
Date: 11/04/04

Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 14:05:00 -0500

Do not forget to also update your motherboard chipset drivers. These
usually conatin the AGP slot driver, which should give you the AGP control
settings you are looking fo.

"Jimmy S." <Private> wrote in message
> Hi Patrick,
> The first thing to troubleshoot are the drivers as they are
> the key to successfully using hardware acceleration.
> Updating video card drivers can solve most gaming issues. Here's some
> simple abc's to always keep in mind. a. Shut off download accelerators,
> firewalls and antivirus programs when downloading or installing updates;
> b. Check for game patches:
> c. Make sure you meet the game's minimum video and system requirements;
> d. Check for known issues with your video card at the game's web site.
> :-)
> 1. Before you update your drivers, I recommend that you install DirectX
> 9.0c:
> Please look over the ATI articles about their latest driver on the
> download page.
> They list Installation Tips, Fixes, and Release Notes with important
> information.
> 2. Download the latest Catalyst driver for ATI Radeon or All in Wonder
> Card:
> Win XP/2000:
> Win 98/Me:
> 3. Save the .exe driver in My Documents\My Drivers\ATI
> 4. Restart the computer in Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key
> about once every second as it's rebooting to pick Safe Mode.
> 5. Click Start / (settings) Control Panel / System / Hardware
> Device Manager / expand +Display Adapters / right click on
> the adapter, pick "Uninstall", and click No if asked to reboot.
> 6. Use Control Panel / Add-Remove programs to uninstall the
> previous driver (exe)software which may have been installed.
> 7. Restart the computer in Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key
> about once every second as it's rebooting to pick Safe Mode.
> 8. If Windows prompts you to install the adapter, click "Cancel".
> 9. Double click the ATI driver we saved to My Documents\ My
> Drivers\ATI folder in step 3 to If it complains about
> Windows Logo Certification just click "Continue". This is normal.
> 10. After you reboot, go to Control Panel / Display / Settings and
> choose 32 bit Color Quality, and 800x600 or higher Resolution.
> Test your drivers using DXDiag: Click Start / Run / type: DXDIAG
> Click the "Test" buttons in the Display, Sound, Music & Network Tabs;
> If any of the Display options are Disabled and you cannot Enable them,
> your most likely solution would be to update your Chipset Drivers as per
> my website:
> Your program might not support dual monitors, or "dual head" video cards
> You can disable the extra video output in your display properties control
> panel. Click Start>Settings>Control Panel>Display>Settings>Advanced.
> Along with your Video card, Sound Cards, Motherboard Chipsets,
> and Video Monitors may also require updated drivers. Even your
> motherboard's BIOS may need to be updated for compatibility with
> your Video card. These steps are listed at:
> Perhaps the old ATI drivers did not completely uninstall. If that's the
> case, use these utility to completely uninstall the drivers and go to step
> 7:
> (works for all cards including
> nvidia)
> The latest video drivers sometime don't work with a particular game.
> (Check the Video suggestions in the readme.txt file in your game
> folder/CD)
> If there's no suggestions, try an older (WHQL) driver, and/or if you still
> experience problems try a Beta driver, or even an Omega driver instead:
> BETA Drivers:
> OMEGA Drivers:
> There you have it, if you have any questions feel free to post them! :-)
> --
> Cheers, Windows XP MVP Shell / User
> Jimmy S.
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> Visit my / Gaming Helpsite: or Call /
> Contact
> MS Support at:;en-us;top
> My advice is donated "AS IS" without warranty; nor do I confer any
> rights.
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> "Patrick" <> wrote in message
>> If I go in settings, display, hardware, the combobox for harware
>> acceleration is grayed out and cannot select it. I did verify that all
>> acceleration option are ON in the DXDIAG application"
>> Any hint????
>> Thanks