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From: Bryan (
Date: 04/19/04

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 11:46:05 -0700

My motherboard is at 91F which is OK but my CPU is at 117F at the Bios Screen, aka its not running a game which will make it even hotter.
     ----- Eric wrote: -----
     If I am reading thiongs right, my motherboard will be ok up to 160F.
     I am regularly around 110-125F.
     On Sun, 18 Apr 2004 21:46:01 -0700, "Bryan"
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>Thx Jimmy, I ran that test in number 3 and found 534 errors one of my DIMMs oy! It was in the LRAND and another section that ended with a 6. Looks like i'll be going to get it replaced tomorrow. Also another problem I have found is that I am overheating alot! At the bios screen my CPU is at 117F! and I know thats bad! So i am going to buy one of those Jet Engine fans that i have heard so many good things about. Thx for your help and I hope that this fixes all my problems!
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>> Hi Bryan,
>> 1. Try only one of those 2 sticks at a time. They might be mismatched.
>> 2. A faulty power supply can cause STOP errors, random reboots,
> and black screen lockups. One way to test for that is to check the
> wattage sticker on your power supply and then calculate your need
> (Min. 350 for gaming)
>> 3. Test your RAM using:
> after you extract that zip file, click on the README.txt file for the
> instructions on how to create the boot floppy to test your RAM.
> If you don't have a floppy drive use Microsoft's new Ramtest CD:
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>> "Bryan" <> wrote in message
> |I have just overhauled my machine so i could play Final Fantasy XI and Unreal Tournament 2004. But everytime I play the games the
> load for some time and then crash! Sometimes Unreal gives a General Protection Fault error and a big long loop, other times it just
> quits. Final Fantasy just quits. On top of that sometimes when i run IE6.0 it crashes and asks me if I want to send a error report
> and I am expecting it to reload a webpage telling me what went wrong... but it does not. I tried to get some advice other places
> but everyone gives me the generic video\sound\bios ideas. I have updated my bios... no difference... video... no difference...
> sound... no difference... i reduced the hardware acceleration, nothing, replaced the harddrive, nothing. The only thing I have done
> that even effects the amount of time until quit is when i move the memory chips to different positions and\or switch them. This
> leads me to believe that either my motherboard is bad or that the memory is bad. What I am asking is if this makes sense and what
> else could be wrong... Thx in advance!
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> | System Specs:
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> | Intel P4 2.8 Extreme (1MB L2 Cache)
> | Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 MP3 + Gamer
> | ATI Radeon 9600 XT (128MB)
> | 2 Sticks of 256MB DDR400
> | Western Digital 80GB IDE ATA100
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