Re: IEXPLORE.EXE is not a valid Win32 application

Hi Matt and thanks for your reply.

Reinstalling the database didn´t help.

This problem actually didn´t occur on every build, but more and more
frequently until I can´t create a single build without this problem.
The "funny" thing is that this seems to be the only affected application in
the build, everything else is OK.
When clicking Internet Explorer on the start menu it returns " (null) is not
a valid Win32 application " and from Explorer returns " IEXPLORE.EXE is not
a valid Win32 application ".
I don´t know if this can be useful information, but I´ve also noticed that
on at least one occassion most folders have changed into e.g. "Docume~1",
but "Program Files" and "Internet Explorer" are intact. However this didn´t

Is it possible that corrupted repositories might cause this error just
Any ideas anybody?
In the mean time I´ll wipe out the DB & repository files once more...

Thanks in advance,

"Matt Kellner (MS)" <mattkell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> skrev i meddelandet
> Hi Rob. It appears that your file repository might have become corrupted.
> You might want to try reinstalling your SP2 database and see if that fixes
> the problem. This should not affect your configurations (except to make
> them build correctly).
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> "The Rob" <therob88@[hotmail].com> wrote in message
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>> Hi group!
>> I have built a large amount of embedded images but never had this problem
>> before: "IEXPLORE.EXE is not a valid Win32 application"
>> This happens when clicking on the "Internet Explorer" icon, which also
>> doesn´t look correct (the normal IE icon has disappeared).
>> AFAIK, this occurred after adding "Administration Support Tools" and
>> auto-resolving its dependencies.
>> This component was added because we need "services.msc".
>> Using SP2, Winlogon and pretty much the basic things.
>> Any ideas anybody?
>> TIA,
>> Rob