Re: Direct Serial & DUN

From: KM (
Date: 02/28/05

Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 13:37:12 -0800


Not started RRAS is likely the reason for you to not have the DUN working.
Do you have all the components listed in this thread?

I did test DUN a while ago with XPProEmulation image ( on SP1. I don't think you'd appreciate me posting the
project component list as it is more than 2300 components there. But you can give it a try if you have time.

Btw, what dll could not be loaded?

Also, please check your FBALog to see if there were any errors related to RAS.

        KM, BSquare Corp.
PS. Just in case, verify that the "Plug and  Play Sfotware Device Enumerator" and "Local Network Bridge" components are included in
your configuration with all their dependencies resolved.
> Hi,
> I have been trying to get Dial-up networking and a (client) direct serial
> connection working on my XPe image but have been unable to.
> Symptoms
> DUN connections fail with error 31.  If I use the modems client utility
> that came with the pccard it indicates that there was an authentication
> problem.
> The Routing and Remote Access service wont start.  The Event log says that
> a dll could not be loaded even though its in the system32 folder.
> When I create a direct connection it allows me to select COM1 but if I then
> edit the connection later in "network connections" it says that com1 doesn't
> exist.
> I've used Hyperterminal in the XPe image and can communicate with an other
> computer with the serial port.
> I have XP Pro running on the same system and I'm able to use DUN and the
> direct serial connection to another computer.
> I have followed the various links and have included every component that was
> suggested.  I have also added the hardware, application, networking, shell,
> windows application etc... compatibility macro components and still it
> doesn't work.
> Does anyone have a working configuration that uses DUN or direct serial
> connections?  If so can you post your component list so I can see what I'm
> missing?
> Thanks,
> Ed.

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