Re: XML vs regular commands

From: TT (Tom Tempelaere) (_N_OSPAMtiti_____at_hotmail.comMAPSO_N_)
Date: 03/14/04

Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 05:41:06 -0800

> ----- Slobodan Brcin (eMVP) wrote: -----
>> Hi,
>> Cold me old fashioned, but I would never use any programming language or
> technology higher than C++.

I wouldn't call you old fashioned, my first idea was to actually use c++. Company policies however suggested I'd use c#. Howeve,r if I decide that C# is not the way to go, then it will be in c++.

> I have no idea what XML can do and how fast it can do it, but it will never
> be able to match speed of using API directly or writing driver program that
> uses NDIS or TDI directly.

I know. But just how fast can parsing xml commands be? If it is fast enough and it always takes the same time to parse the commands, then it is sufficient.
But I worry about performance (of course). I am already crawling back from the idea of using xml.

Can you tell me what NDIS & TDI are?

> One thing why you should avoid fancy things like XML, .Net framework, etc.
> Is because they will triple size of your XPe image (You can make very small
> images using minlogon).

Doesn't c# have some switch to compile to asm instead of to cli?
Anyway, embedded java exists so I thought c# would have something similar.

> And more components you have in your image, more likely that there will be
> some security hole. Also you will need to track and apply new QFE's more
> often.


> If XML is only thing you know, and you use it for other purposes then this
> could be only reason why to use it.
> Also you should consider that this may be good for you, but your customers
> needs like reliable system should come first. So if you can use API more
> directly as in C++ then you should use it.
>> Regards,
> Slobodan


     "TT (Tom Tempelaere)" <_N_OSPAMtiti____@hotmail.comMAPSO_N_> wrote in
> Hi,
>> In a certain project I need to send and receive commands and status info
> other processes. Each command would have some parameters (fixed set per
> command), status info would have some fields (also fixed). The commands
> status info are sent over sockets because the other processes could be
> located on different servers/platforms. Another requirement is that the
> commands and status info have to be parsed and executed as fast as
> Timing is critical, because the other processes drive robotic parts.
>> I was wondering if it would make any sense to use XML for the commands and
> the status info. I know a bit about XML, but I've never used it before. I
> know that .net has class(es) to process the xml files but I worry about
> performance. The XML commands would probably need some dtd or xsd for
> validation, in order to be used by the xml-parse classes (I don't know).
> looks like it would take a lot longer to parse an xml command using
> xml-parse classes, than it would by just manually parsing a byte command.
> the other hand, i think using xml would make it easier to programme. It
> take some time before I can actually test this all, so:
>> I would like to hear any opinion on this matter.
>> Thank you,
> PS: I also posted to microsoft.public.dotnet.xml, but my platform could be
     embedded XP I don't know yet.
> ---
> Tom Tempelaere