Re: Maximize Windows Explorer

Sorry, my fault. Don't know where I got IE from, but the same advise


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Windows Explorer is not the same as Internet Explorer, Martin.

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Martin C wrote:
This can be done in 2 ways - depending on how you are using it.

If you are lauching IE from a shortcut, then right click on shortcut
icon, select properties and define the Run dropdown as Maximised.

Otherwise, open IE and resize the IE window (not using the maximise
button at the top right) by streching the window edges to the extents of
the screen. Now close the window using the SHIFT key. The next time you
open IE, it should be maximised. Note that you may have to do this again
in the future if the window is reset by a web page. If you have to do it
again, always ensure that the last IE window you close is a maximised one
if this happens and you close it with the SHIFT key pressed.

Hope this helps.


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How do I force Windows Explorer to open maximized?