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Leonard Grey
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Ben wrote:
Ok. I have a few items if you can share them with me:

1) I have four folders in my C:\Documents and Settings folder: a) Administrator, b) All Users, c) [my full name- which is the account that I previously set to automatically come up and use, having full Administration rights], and d) Default User. Now, in Control Panel\User Profiles, the only account that I set up was "b)"; there appears only two icons also, one for my "b)" account, and one for "Guest User" account. Based on this:

a) Can I go ahead and delete all the folders in my C:\Documents and Settings folder, except for the one I'm using, i.e. folder "b)"?

All Users and the Default User are created by Windows. Do not remove them or move them. Do not alter them in any way until you know exactly what you are doing.

All Users contains desktop settings that will apply to all user accounts that you create, e.g., which shortcuts will appear in the Start menu and which Favorites will be included in Internet Explorer.

The Default User account contains all the default configuration settings that will apply whenever a new user account is created.

Administrator does not normally appear in Documents and Settings unless you previously used the built-in Administrator account (which you should /not/ do unless all other accounts with Administrator permissions are broken.) Definitely *do not* touch this account.

The only accounts that appear in the control panel applet are the user accounts, e.g., the account(s) you created when you first installed Windows, the Guest account and any other user accounts subsequently created. The control panel applet does not pertain to system accounts (like Administrator, All Users and the Default User.)

b) I tried to make an account for the "a)" folder in the C:\Documents and Settings folder in Control Panel\User Profles; however, when I try to name the account "Administrator", I get a message that this account already exists; I know that the folder exists in the C:\Documents and Settings folder, but not in Control Panel\User Profiles. Why is this happening, and how to I fix this?

2) In My Microsoft HELP in my Windows XP Pro, there it states that there is a way to facilitate CRTL + ALT + DEL when I want a user to log into my computer, i.e to go to CONTROL PANEL\USER PROFILES, and click on the advanced tab; however, when I go there, no ADVANCED tab exits. Can you tell me why, and what I can do to obtain this log in functionality?

I don't know what "facilitate CRTL + ALT + DEL when I want a user to log into my computer" means. I'll try to guess what you're referring to:

There are two ways to login to an account in Windows XP. If you choose to use the Welcome Screen, users see a the name of their account displayed on the screen with a cute graphic next to it. All they need to do is to select their account and enter the password.

For enhanced security you choose to /not/ use the Welcome Screen, in which case users have to press CTRL+ALT+DEL to start the login process and then enter /both/ their user name and the correct password.

3) Finally, can you refer me to an article that covers all the basics on this issue?

May I suggest Google?

Thank you so much. Ben J.

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