Re: Icon Replacement Programs

I see that there are quite a few programs that you can use to change your
system(shell32.dll) icons. Are any of these good? Seems like a lot of
cause problems. I'd like to try one, but not if it's going to make a

The registry entries explained by David Candy in his response is the only
clean way to do this I know of.
AFAIK, it isn't documented, but it based on the customization feature built
into Windows itself.

In case you want an easy to use application to perform these registry
changes, it is the method used in my PHM Plus! for Windows XP.
Once installed, you can take the display properties (right-click on empty
area of the desktop > Properties, or Display icon in the control panel), and
you'll see it has an extra Customize tab. At the bottom of that that tab, a
"Customize Shell..." button brings up a new properties window that lets you
change these icon entries (on the Shell Icon tab), as well as system folders
icons (on the System Folders tab).
These provide easy to use frontends on top of existing Windows XP features
and are _not_ running in the background to enforce these changes, as Windows
itself is using the values they set.

Philippe Majerus
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