Re: Hide View Tab at the Folder Options

I wouldn't recommend actually doing any of this!


is the key for Folder Options | View tab.

I have no idea how to hide the tab.

Down load viewfolderrestore.reg, reverse everything and you can make it

368. Folder Options/View Empty - Restore Now

Or remove all of the checkbox Value Data from the Type Value Names to remove
the checkboxes from View in Folder Options.

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

In news:D239E30B-B5A0-4244-925A-815694CC89EE@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
KF Thomas SHIU <KFThomasSHIU@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:
Please help to check how to hide the view tab at folder options for
windows xp home edition.

thank you


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