Re: SP2 drove me topen source

Just finished dl'ing Knoppix using dialup at 26.4 :( Have to agree, looks
very promising. Easy, relatively intuitive, only problem I'm having so far
is getting it to recognize and be recognized as part of my home "workgroup".
Testing it on a dual-boot setup with 98SE on 1st hd and XP Pro on 2nd, both
running Fat32 for both access to all hd's and clean DOS boot considerations.

I keep stating what Linux REALLY needs is quality games. My thinking is ...
If they had more, all those young guns would be just as happy playing their
games regardless of OS (assuming they worked) and in fact might DEMAND Linux
for some. That would spill-over into using the more common "everyday" type
apps which would mean more exposure etc. etc..

Let's face it, most don't need MS Office, PhotoShop etc.
"Pop" <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> What he probably means is, he finally got up the guts to try out some
> Linux distribution and thinks he's now free of having to pay for most of
> his software and that it's uncrashable/unspammable. He'll know REAL
> frustration shortly, unless he has someone to set things up for him and to
> maintain it <g>. Personally I like Knoppix myself, and have tried some of
> the other stuff available like Open Office, etc.. It's pretty good stuff
> actually, but if you're using more than about 50% of the MS features, you
> just won't move from MS unless you like discovering work-arounds instead
> of working with the stuff. I'm strictly a user, but I do like to dabble.
> I played with Red Hat once, but it was just TOO much work for me! Then
> Knoppix came along, and I liked it so I use if for "play times". I had
> hopes of switching over someday too, but it just ain't gonna happen in my
> case. I do have to agree though, that for a good installation and with a
> guru around, it CAN be great to get newbies started into computers - which
> is what I use if for at the moment. There ARE some great things being
> done with Linux. But it's true of Windows and even DOS yet. Dunno, maybe
> someday - but I'm too old to learn many new tricks anymore <g>.
> Pop
> --
> Let someone else do it
> I'm retired!
> "Sean" <Sean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:A026F706-6625-4F74-8FAF-69C1E1141D03@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> You provided zero technical reasons why you dislike SP2. I am having
>> issues
>> with it as well but I can give specific reasons. If you did not test
>> then
>> blame yourself. Linux will never outrun MS.
>> "velozoom30" wrote:
>>> Thanks to Microsoft's WindowsXP SP2, I have finally made the move to
>>> open
>>> source applications. I've wanted to make the move for some time but
>>> some
>>> laziness on my part has delayed me. Thanks, Billy, for pushing out the
>>> SP2
>>> and specifically the security center because that horrid piece of
>>> programming
>>> (I call SP2 the new WinME) finally made me so angry and frustrated with
>>> you
>>> and your company that I built up a Linux box at home and will soon be
>>> migrating all of my personal equipment over to the Penguin. If I am
>>> browsing
>>> and come across some content that will only work in your non-W3c
>>> standards
>>> compliant browser, I refuse to view it. DId you notice that FireFox 1.0
>>> was
>>> downloaded over a million times the first DAY it was available?
>>> Hallelujiah!
>>> I am the systems administrator at a television station and so am used to
>>> dealing with new technology. I have never had as many problems with a
>>> single
>>> piece of software (and let me tell you, video-editing, TV production,
>>> and
>>> graphics software can be extremely touchy and hard to work with) as I
>>> have
>>> with SP2. It has bolluxed up so many systems at my station, rendering
>>> some
>>> applications totally unusable, that I have removed it from every
>>> machine I
>>> have. I've talked to the administration and we are looking into moving
>>> away
>>> from all MS products and following the growing trend of dismantling our
>>> Windows infrastructure.
>>> I truly hope that the recent trend in computing to move away from the
>>> monopolistic domination of MS is but the first scratchings of the
>>> proverbial
>>> writing on the wall that will soon say that MS is on its way out. Maybe
>>> it
>>> won't come soon, certainly not soon enough for any thinking and rational
>>> IT
>>> person, but I think it is coming and on that day I will rejoice.
>>> Thanks, again, Billy. SP2 did it's job well enough for me.