Re: MSN home page keeps reverting to 'Arabic'

From: siriusbliss (
Date: 12/28/04

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 10:51:22 -0800

I only have English chosen (and listed) in languages setting.
I've flushed out all cookies. No change.
I do not use a hotkey get to the MSN home page.
My MSN shortcut properties does not show any Arabic setting.

I think this is something with MSN itself.

I have two hotmail accounts - one for personal and one for business.
If I log out of one in order to login to the other, it is at this time
that the MSN homepage reverts to the Arabic version. If I login
directly to one of the accounts, my personal MSN homepage comes up just
fine, but if I then logout of one account and login to the other
account, the MSN homepage continues with the Arabic setting, and I can't
locate where/how to change the personal homepage settings like I did
with the main account.

Seems like a MSN thing, since my cookies settings don't seem to make any



Sharon F wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Dec 2004 11:29:11 -0800, siriusbliss wrote:
>>Isn't there a default setting somewhere with MSN? I presume not.
> PS: If you use an internet shortcut to reach the MSN home page or hotmail,
> check the properties of those shortcuts as well. One or both may be
> pointing to the arabic version of the target site.