Re: Windows Explorer Default Directory

From: David Candy (.)
Date: 12/11/04

Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 12:03:37 +1100

Right click are context specific commands. It would not make sense for a right click - open/explore on Start to open anything else but start.

"cummingsjp" <> wrote in message
> Sir --
> Thank you.
> I don't use your suggested method to access Explorer because it is 
> cumbersome.  Explorer isn't automatically included in the window, and if it 
> were, it would take too much time to look through the rest of the clutter to 
> find it.  Using the right click presenst a minimum of items to choose from, 
> and is always there, which is especially important as I change computers 
> frequently.
> Thanks again.
> Jim
> "Trevor L." wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Why not open the Start Menu (by left click) and use the items on the top 
>> right side.
>> To select which items are to be present there, right click an empty part of 
>> the taskbar, left click Properties, left click the Start Menu tab, left click 
>> Customize... , left click the Advanced Tab and then click on (i.e. put a tick 
>> mark in) any or all of the items you want
>> My Computer
>> My Documents
>> My Music
>> My Network Places (if you are networked)
>> My Pictures
>> Then left click 
>> OK
>> Apply
>> OK
>> When you go back to the Start Menu the items will then be there. Clicking 
>> any one will start you at that place.
>> The suggestion to set up a shortcut will also clearly work fine.
>> "CummingsJP" wrote:
>> > I went through all of the relevant recent posts on this topic, but none quite 
>> > did the trick for me.  
>> > 
>> > I normally access windows explorer by doing a right-click over the start 
>> > menu.  This opens explorer, but puts me in my "Start Menu" folder.  I can't 
>> > think of a worse place to start from.  How do I change this, or 
>> > alternatively, how do I change the right-click over the start menu to go to 
>> > my winexplore shortcut?
>> > 
>> > Thanks
>> > 
>> > JPC