Re: Command to run Norton Viral Scan run box or command prompt/ "navwn32" doesn't work

From: Chad Harris (
Date: 08/14/04

Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004 11:01:11 -0400

After all, it is Symantec/Norton's product--and a pretty lousy one at that
Todd. I know this company well and what they have and don't. I know
their products well and all their byzantine KB articles that have 3
articles introducing the fourth. I can fix a lot of their apps that get
broken but it's not worth it. Other companies don't make products that can
be as buggy to install and uninstall with a Windows OS--that take a 35-45
minute manual uninstall deleting 16 GUIDs and several other assorted reg
keys, folders, temporary folders and a special utility that doesn't work
that well and has a product that even the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
does not clean up well. Other companies support their products a lot better
without 2 hour waits and growing for paid help that's not going to be worth
it because KBs are hard for some people to find on the site and written in
the poorest possible way.

I've spoken with their Tech Support a few times about the breaks with SP2,
the inadequate patch, and the totally goofy idea of Symantec/Norton to
refuse to make the patch available on theirs site any other way than Live
Update. That's because they are anxious to sell 2005 boxes.

I wouldn't waste a second paying Symantec a penny for subscription support
or anything else. There are two many good if not better AV companies who
make products for AV that are fully compatible with XP SP2 RTM without
Norton's stupid patches. That's why many people who write for the XP Xpert
Zone on MSFT's web site recommend them and people are taking their companies
away from Symantec's enterprise products now in exponentially increasing
numbers going to Trend. Kapersky, and Etrust make compatible products that
are as good, if not better and a whole less natively buggy than whatever
Symantec and their acquired company Norton make.

I think when Microsoft gets into the AV business, Symantecs days really
become numbered and as someone once said----the Federalist papers? "Thassssa
goooood thing."

That's why Microsoft's Antivirus Company is up and running. Subscription
support would not be a worthwhile investment in my mind, because Symantec
behaves like many companies who have incompatibilties with a service pack or
OS, and whose existence totally depends upon Microsoft's operating systems
and service packs. In this case, Norton had enough SP2 code to have issued
an adequate patch to make its products work and it had this information
through many builds of SP2 to RTM. It failed.

It now refuses to put its download on the web site, and its patch for SP2
RTM can only be fetched via Live Update. If Live Update is broken by SP2,
then you either use their KB 1812 to fix it, and if 1812 doesn't work they
tell you to format the box with no guarantee that will help.

A better solution if you know Norton is just to work around the little
glitches. You don't need Norton to scan for AV, and you don't need live
update to work. The one component that has to work is Auto Protect which
also does fully adequate script blocking, file scanning, and email blocking
unknown to most users.

Symantec wants people to buy more boxes--in this case 2005. Symantec is
also looking over their incompetent shoulders at the new Antivirus kid on
the block--there was antivirus via dos in Windows 3.1 and I'll have to keep
researching in some dos forums to learn about it. I was just curious if it
was a remnant preserved in XP. Both of these are discussed in the MSFT
Press book *Running MS Dos.* It wouldn't be the first 3.1 remnant still in
XP if it were. Progman is there.
Old Windows Media Player versions are there--at least putting 6.2 "mplayer2
" (with no space) will get you 6.2 and "wmplayer 2" (with a space) in the
run box will get you 9.0 or Beta 10.0 depending on which you are running.

This seems to be Microsoft's response to Symantec's products--one I've seen
before. They're going to start making it.

If you know any other references on which OS's deployed V-Safe and MSAV I'd
really appreciate seeing them, but I'll find some soon.

Microsoft Antivirus Product Up and Running


Chad Harris

"Todd Vargo" <> wrote in message

"Chad Harris" <> wrote in message

>> "Chad, what has this to do with microsoft.public.basic.dos?"
> It was the only MSFT public dos group I could find and I was looking for
> commands in the XP environment to work with NAV. I know XP "does not
> have dos" but it does have a command prompt, a run box, and a dos
> emulator I think I have found them.
> If you know of any other *more appropriate place to post*, let me know
> because you didn't say.

You might try Norton's subscription support. It is after all, their product.

Todd Vargo (remove hyphen to reply by email) 

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