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From: JamesJ (
Date: 12/04/04

Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2004 09:36:53 -0500

Access is denied to System Volume Information. I didn't
disable SR although I believe I did cut it back to 5%. Disk
space is no issue.


"Will Denny" <> wrote in message
> Hi
> The _Restore folder is a sub folder in System Volume Information, which
> holds all the SR files. It is a hidden folder so you will have to show it
> via Windows Explorer:
> Tools>Folder Options>View - then enable 'Show hidden files and folders'.
> If that option is already enabled, have you disabled System Restore?
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> "JamesJ" <> wrote in message
> news:eGFOzqg2EHA.1264@TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl...
>> This isn't the first time I couldn't restore my system. Initially,
>> I was using a themes manager, 'cause I liked all the bells and
>> whistles and I was unable to save themes in the Display Properties. I
>> wouldn't
>> get any error messages but when I went to ...My Documents
>> (which from my understanding is were, by default, one's theme is
>> saved when one clicks the Save As button) there was no theme in that
>> folder.
>> Doing a search of my entire hard drive I found the theme in My Recent
>> Documents,
>> a folder I don't have anymore after I formatted my hard drive and
>> reinstalled
>> a fresh copy of XP. I formatted after uninstalling the themes manager
>> and found the problem still existed. I posted the question concerning
>> the
>> inability to save themes and was told to try restoring to a restore point
>> using
>> System Restore.
>> It really wasn't a big deal I usually format once a year.
>> I don't recall what the problem was this time when I was reinstalling all
>> my software.
>> This last time I didn't format. Everything seems to be fine now except
>> for a
>> couple of issues like: I used to have a folder called _RESTORE now I
>> don't. I used have
>> a folder called ...My Recent Documents now I don't. I'm a bit hesitant to
>> use a
>> themes manager which I have already purchased a registration for.
>> James
>> "Will Denny" <> wrote in message
>> news:OQenlRg2EHA.3908@TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl...
>>> Hi
>>> What was the original problem? Perhaps SR wasn't the way to correct it.
>>> System Restore shouldn't be disabled as it can save your system and
>>> restore it to a working system.
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>>> Will Denny
>>> MS-MVP - Windows Shell/User
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>>> "JamesJ" <> wrote in message
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>>>>I had a problem with my system a week ago and tried to restore
>>>> it back a couple of days using System Restore. Well, it restored
>>>> but didn't correct the problem. In fact, it created more problems
>>>> because I had installed some Office software and then I had to
>>>> reinstall three programs again 'cause I was not able to choose
>>>> the restore point. I didn't know what software caused the initial
>>>> problem.
>>>> I know, I should've created restore point(s) prior to installing each
>>>> program. I didn't because System Restore creates restore point prior
>>>> to a new installation. (at least I think it does). Anyway, enough of
>>>> my dislike for System Restore.
>>>> I need to ask about three questions.
>>>> 1) Is there a right and wrong way to use system restore?
>>>> 2) Can I or Should I disable System Restore? And what ever
>>>> happened to the _Restore folder??
>>>> 3) Is there any backup software that simply backs up system files
>>>> that someone can recommend??
>>>> Any help will be appreciated,
>>>> James