Re: What causes Corrupted Files?

My disk was cheaper than that. under $50..brand new too.. . thanks for all
the information I will look in help. I will not replace it unless I am
certain it's the drive's fault and someone suggested it might be a usb
cables..or even a memory error. .I don't have a lot of money to throw
around.. will do the R parameter next if I have to do Chkdsk.. This time I
tried and got the prompt I had to have full rights, the same prompt you get
when you try to chkdsk C in Windows.. but they asked me if I wanted to do
it on boot, I said yes.. thanks again.. hugs, Rainy
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Yes I could easily replace it.. or not miss it if It were deleted. Will
this next time.. You will have to explain what CLI parameters are.. chkdsk
/? so that is what I am asking.. what is R and what is F.. and what is
CLI.. thanks Rainy ps it was not a windows font file.. I have thousands
more on my computer.. quite the collector I am.. lol over 90,000 .. lol
I said I would not miss it.. I only have windows font files in the windows
font folder.. all the rest are on my external drive..

CLI = Command Line Interface. It's what you see when you open a command
prompt. For a full list of XP's command line tools, open Help and Support
and type "command line tools". The first entry gives you a list.

If you open a command prompt and type "chkdsk /?" - note the space - you'll
get a text listing of what the parameters, or switches, are and what they

Using Windows Help to see command line prompts, just type chkdsk into the
search section. This can be easier to read than the command prompt

The difference between /F and /R (case does not matter) is that the /R
switch goes a bit further and not only tries to fix the disk error, but also
tries to Recover information from the bad section.

But if you are getting bad sectors on the disk, I'd suggest replacing it.
Where I am, bare 500-gig drives are under $100.


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yes files, today for instance it was a font file I ran chckdsk after i
told about it.. I run it with the /F parameter.. isn't that correct.. I
thought the F was for fix.. I'm assuming the R is for repair . . .

CLI parameters are probably documented in the Help department
or else displayed at a CMD prompt by CHKDSK /?

If a Windows font file has been corrupted it seems wiser to replace
it from the WinXP instal file (CD or HDD) via SFC = System File
Checker. But the physical integrity of the HDD is more important.

Don Phillipson
Carlsbad Springs
(Ottawa, Canada)


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