RE: Out of memory for image display

To read microsofts opinion,try kb555223
Also,usually the page file gets set to a "custom amount" by default,if you
set it to "let system manage" it would have increased....

"Nobody" wrote:

I normally have 2GB of RAM but just now I am testing the four sticks by only
inserting one 512K at a time. Now I thought that if XP required more
memory it would use its page file and if the page file was not large enough
it would increase it automatically as long as the default settings were in

Today I tried to open an Outlook 2007 email which contained a 650K photo
attachment. I got a message from my viewer which is IrfanView:

D:\IE temp files\Temporary Internet
Files\Content:Outlook\Beemer_20080408_6533_email.jpg : Decode error !

Error: Can't allocate memory for result image(s) !
Out of memory

Are there certain applications which must use RAM and not paged memory?




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