Re: Turn desktop from horizontal to vertical?

Some display adapters have direct access to a rotate function via their icon
in the system tray (ATI for example). Setting it back to normal is also one
of the options... if you can get your mouse cursor onto the icon and its
menus. :-)

"Malke" <notreally@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Frankie wrote:
my daughter was pressing random keys on the keyboard whilst a internet
explorer was open. SUDDENLY the whole page rotated from vertical to
horizontal. the icons rotated 90 degrees left and the taskbar went onto
the left side of the screen but now everything is horizontal on the
screen and nothing is vertical. the page i am currently seeing is
horizontal. i have to lean my head onto the right to see the things on
the computer correctly. not only do the user page horizontal the welcome
screen is horizontal too. The mouse is also horizontal. PLEASE HELP!

Ctrl-Alt-Up Arrow key

Or look in Control Panel>Display>Adapter settings for settings specific to
your video card.

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