Re: defaults & audio players

Right click any wav file > Point to "Open with" > Click "Choose Program.." >
Check the option "Always use the selected program..." > Choose Music match
from the list [ If not there, go to the directory where it is installed and
double click the main exe file > Choose Ok

"MR" <MR@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
| Hi- I like to use Music match when I download 15 second wav files off the
| net to hear speech (TTS) samples. But, ever since my kids used my pc to
| in their Ipods, my wav files play.........but open up with Quicktime. I
| like QT & want the wav files I download to automatically open with MMatch
| before.
| I tried a few things I know but QT keeps taking over.
| --
| Thanks so very much for your help-! ! ! !


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