Re: Default to Shutdown on exit ?

Thanks Oliver,

I went with shutdown -s -t 3 -c "Shutting Down Now"

Had some trouble initially because I called the batch file shutdown.bat
(causing an endless loop). I renamed it to shutdown_now.bat and placed a
short cut to it on the desktop. I added a short cut key to it so I can
shutdown in one step. I'm happy now :-)

There doesn't seem to be a way of doing this - i suppose you could either do
as Kerry said for a quick shut down or alternatively make a batch file and
place it somewhere convenient (desktop, quick launch, start menu).


Isn't there any way of changing a registry entry or something
so that when the 3 choices pop up (Standby, Turn Off, Restart)
it defaults to Turn Off ?

Here are two posibilities maybe more as well.

1) Control Panel, Power Options, Advanced tab, Set it Shutdown when I
press the power button on my computer.

2) Some BIOS' have a similar setting. You'll have to look in your
computer or motherboard manual for how to change this.

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