Re: No CMD "Help"

GeneK wrote:

Just to add that this is the same command prompt that is available
under Start/All Programs/Accessories.

Yep, or C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe, which is the actual execuatble file.
Many systems may also have a desktop or Quicklaunch shortcut to it. There's
more than one way to get at it.

Ken Blake - Microsoft MVP Windows: Shell/User
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"Ken Blake, MVP" <kblake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
databaseben wrote:

yeh, i did type help in the run window. but it looks like a listing
is being produced but its too fast and then the window closes

No, you didn't follow the instructions below. You're trying to run
the Help command from the Start | Run dialog. You can't do that.
When you run any command, such as help or ipconfig, that displays
its results, the command window opens, the command runs, it displays
the results, and the window closes. It all happens too fast to get
to read anything. What you need to do is first open the Command prompt
window (not the
Run dialog). You do that by typing CMD in the Start | Run line. Then
when you run a command like help or ipconfig in that window, the
results will stay there until *you* explicitly close the winodw.

Ken Blake - Microsoft MVP Windows: Shell/User
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no, don't type cmdhelp or cmd help.
open the command prompt from accessories then just type
then hit enter.
There you'll see a list . IF you need help with one of those type
help then one of the commands that's listed.

"databaseben" <databaseben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
message news:58291DBE-21EB-4526-B4E4-043AC8C5ACAF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
they appear to be working fine. I copied the error from the cmd
window below...

'help' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
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That is the data".......W.Gatespeare

"l" wrote:

run you virus programs..there are a few types that cause cmd and
a few other
to stop is task manager, system restore?

"databaseben" <databaseben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
Funny thing, i notice that I cannot get a menu of the help
commands via the
cmd prompt.

I can get some commands like copy /? dir /? but the command
lines are limited. I'm sure I was able to view a menu/listing
of the help commands

I think that I ran something like "cmd help" and the command
windows appears
briefly and it looks like a listing is produced. But it goes
very fast and
the cmd windows closes immediately.....

Why have I lost the command line Help

"To be a 0 or is it to be the 1 ?
That is the data".......W.Gatespeare


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