Re: Windows User Password

"Jenny" <jwilliams644@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a friend whose husband died suddenly. All of their financial
including tax preparation info, are stored on his laptop computer. His
account is password protected, and she does not know the password. The
computer runs Windows XP, and there are no other user accounts. She has
tried all the likely guesses for the password, with no success. She
for a password reset disk, but that was apparently never done. Are there
resources available to her that will allow her to access the information?
know this sounds like some kind of scam, but it's legit, and she's in a
world of trouble. What should she do?

As noted, you can reset the password from the Admin account. There's a
huge BUT.

*However*, if this is XP Pro - not XP Home - and if encryption was invoked,
resetting the password this way will permanently block access to the
encrypted data.

So, before you change the password, go into the Admin account and try to
determine if encryption was invoked. If it was, do not change the password
in this way.

If encryption was invoked, remove the drive and clone it, and work from the
cloned drive. On the cloned drive, go into the Admin account, change the
password and/or take ownership of the files, and recover what you can. You
may find clues as to the password itself, which you are going to have to
have to recover encrypted data.